Interview with Niels Brandt, Managing Director.

Spot-on analysis at RealMæglerne

RealMæglerne is a network of independent estate agents with affiliates all over the country. RealMæglerne's main office and IT department was seeking an analysis of the chain's various IT platforms in the hunt for an optimal and future-proof operations model. ProData Management won the assignment and RealMæglerne are now in the process of implementing the recommended changes.

Interview with Niels Brandt, Managing Director.

Niels Brandt is Managing Director of RealMæglerne Holding A/S. He has about 120 affiliates in his estate agent network, each of which are key stakeholders. That also applies in IT, where RealMæglerne has for several years been running two different property systems on behalf of the many estate agency affiliates.

'We have developed our database systems ourselves over a period of 15 years. As a result, it gradually became very person-dependent and inflexible relative to sickness absence, breakdowns, weekend duty, etc. We did not want that. We were keen to become less person-dependent. We were also unsure about whether we should drop one of the two property systems and run with only one. We had internal discussions of outsourcing as one possibility, but we needed external consultants to indicate the right direction for the process. So, we formulated six concrete problem statements that we really wanted answers to,' says Brandt and explains that RealMæglerne ended up inviting three suppliers to bid for the assignment. ProData Management won the orders because the proposal and the price were in line with expectations.

Following an initial meeting between RealMæglerne and the ProData Management consultants at which the assignment was reviewed in detail, the parties began the analysis process. There were several components involved, including research and in-depth interviews with selected individuals at RealMæglerne. Against this background, ProData Management prepared a report which not only responded to the six problem statements but also included recommendations for how the organisation should staff and organise the IT department at RealMæglerne's main office.

'The report was presented at our board meeting, to which ProData Management were invited so that they could answer any questions. The report was accepted on the whole by the board, whose judgement was that it was spot-on because it included several good and alternative recommendations that we could use in our organisation. We are now in the process of implementing the recommendations,' says Brandt.
The report concluded, among else, that RealMæglerne should continue having two property systems in the estate agency chain.
'Our partners should have freedom of choice. We should not dictate the use of a particular solution. We suspected that ourselves before we got started with the project, but of course it was good to have that confirmed in the report,' explains Brandt.

'We have now started dealing with the outsourcing process, but that will take a while to set up. One of the things we want to do is cut the number of suppliers, but that is not something you can do overnight.'

Overall, Niels Brandt has been very satisfied, not only with the delivery from ProData Management, but also in his direct dealings with the consultants.

'Through the entire process, we have really appreciated their professional approach and it has been a pleasure working with them. Their suggestions have been well thought-out which indicates that they have taken the time to thoroughly get to know and understand our business,' concludes Brandt.

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