ProData Consult opens new office in Cracow, Poland

ProData Consult is pleased to announce the opening of a brand new office located in Cracow, the second largest IT hub in Poland. 

After 10 years of operations on the Polish market, ProData Consult has experienced great progress and development the past few years. This is done by providing expert IT consultants to local and nearshoring clients in and from Warsaw. To take the next step in this development in Poland, ProData Consult has as of 15th of February opened a new office in the former capital of Poland, Cracow.  

“We see our presence in Cracow as a strategic step forward. This will increase our ability to deliver quality services to our local and nearshoring clients, and we will get access to the second largest consultant market in Poland,” says Mariusz Grajewski, CEO of ProData Consult Poland.

The new office enables ProData Consult to offer clients a modern A-class facility and a fully scalable setup in Cracow. A setup which has been the basis of the success in Warsaw.   

“With this setup in place, we can quickly expand to 100 workplaces in no time, in case our clients need it,” states Grajewski.   

And the new office is easy to access. It is located just a few kilometers from the famous downtown of Cracow and can be easily reached with public transportation. Reaching Cracow by flight takes no more than additional 10-15 minutes comparing to a flight to Warsaw. This makes the ProData Consult office in Cracow a great destination for nearshoring.

Cracow is an IT hub

Cracow has the past 5-8 years developed into a strong IT and BPO hub. After Warsaw, it is now considered to be the largest IT hub in Poland. The education system in Cracow (which includes The Jagiellonian University – one of the oldest universities in Europe) has adjusted to the market needs and the number of highly skilled IT and IT related faculties’ graduates is growing every year. This means that Cracow every year fosters a large volume of IT-specialists.

ProData Consult's new office in Cracow located at Wielicka 30 Street, 30-552 Kraków, Poland.